The dream never dies!!

The dream never dies!!

The result day came! Mom"I am worried, I am so worried. What if I don't make it!" Mom said " Trust yourself " and then my merits were right in front of me holding a "university topper" degree.

Mom was delighted more than anyone else as if she got the medal. That day a thought cropped up in me "Why is she feeling so contented?" When I win it's a win for her and when I fail she is always there to raise me.

She has a count on every minute she spends. She is an ultimate crafter, a patient teacher, a great cook, perfect organizer overall can say she has an active personality. She solves my unspoken worries in a blink forgetting all hers. She is a magician in the form of Mom!!

Then, a day came when I left her nest to create my own. Her darling became invisible in front, though was always in her thoughts. The days were passing but that didn't make her weak rather lifted her more and she then opened her wings to fly.

At the age, when women start to feel retire she began living her dreams. She worked harder and became an entrepreneur and a teacher for many children. She had initiated new ventures in varied areas. She became a mom for many innocent children teaching and guiding them throughout. Not only she became independent financially but also shown us the true example of saying " Age is just a number". She is now an inspiration to me and many women out there. She started knowing her worth more!

She always says to me ' Dream never dies'!! 

Dreams are there in everyone's mind,

Some build it, Some leave it!

There is no perfect time for it,

Rather create your time to achieve it!

Dreams are to be seen in open eyes 

As Dream never dies, Dream never dies!!

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