THE ENTANGLEMENT- Blog post by Dipanweeta

THE ENTANGLEMENT- Blog post by Dipanweeta

The entanglement of womanhood and motherhood are liberating. Women are socialized from their childhood to be future nurturers.

For a woman, motherhood symbolizes womanhood. A woman's social status, dignity and self esteem are closely tied to her procreation potential in the family and the society as a whole. Such a legacy of cultural discourses makes women perceive motherhood as the care of an adult woman's identity. However, these notions, concerning reproduction, having children and motherhood are not static. The transformative wave of urbanization and social reformation have altered the notions of reproduction, having children and motherhood. 

The reform movement have advocated women's education, which has paved the way for their employment opportunities. These transformation have had a positive impact on women's lives and provided them with the autonomy to decide on a career and partner and making a reproductive choice. 

In a society that has undergone and is still undergoing drastic social, political and economic transformations, the notion of motherhood is also undergoing transformation through reinterpretations being made by women as well as the society to which we belong. The shift from extended to nuclear families as well as better education and employment opportunities for women have positively transformed the conditions of women, providing them autonomy over their bodies and lives.

Women who are employed often face work-family conflict owing to dual responsibilities laid on them. The patriarchal set up still envisages the husband as the breadwinner and the wife as caretaker of the family.

Glorification of motherhood compels women to be "good mothers" giving rise to the concept of "bad mothers" who don't adequately breastfeed their children, do not spend ample time with kids and give more importance to work than the family. The prevalence of child- centered nuclear families which places more emphasis on child rearing further strengthens the thought of deceiving one's womanhood by rejecting motherhood. 

From the biology of women to the socially acclaimed attainment of womanhood, motherhood is regarded as a milestone in a woman's life. The embodiment of womanhood is weighed vis-a-vis motherhood. 

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