The Formal Dress Code

The Formal Dress Code

“Don’t tell me you are going to wear this silk sari for the Christmas party. Remember this is not an Indian wedding that you are attending. You are in New York, honey. A dress code has been mentioned .Wear the red formal dress we bought at Macy's ,” said Rohit , rolling his eyes at Meera.

“But Rohit. You were the one who mentioned that I am free to dress the way I wished in this country. There is no one to judge me. So when someone is not going to be judged for wearing skimpy clothes , why should I be judged for wearing a colorful sari which in fact is very graceful ? Isn’t this the formal dress of our country? I find your reasoning highly flawed,” said Meera.

“Why can’t you just dress like the others? This is the first time that I am going to introduce you to my colleagues. I want you to look presentable. Your attire is just not suited for this occasion. And moreover in today’s world where ‘less is more’, you will look grossly overdressed. Let me warn you! You are most likely to become the laughing stock in the party.”

Meera was stubborn with her decision. She was not willing to change. In the few days of marriage she realized that Rohit was constantly trying to put her down in some way or the other. The kind of things he said sometimes made her question and doubt her own choices. But this time she had made up her mind to stick to her preference.

Rohit was enraged at Meera for not listening to him. It was already getting late for the party so without arguing any further they drove down to the party hall.

Rohit was welcomed by all his colleagues. 

His manager looked at Meera and exclaimed, “ Wow! You look absolutely elegant in this outfit. Is this the formal attire of your country? I am so glad you wore this for the party. The dresses we wear are really boring.”

In a few minutes, Meera was surrounded by a lot of people. Rohit realized how effortlessly she was able to carry on a conversation with all his colleagues. She did not seem like a naïve village belle he had assumed her to be. People seemed more interested in talking with her than him. He had a feeling he was being sidelined.

The party was over. Rohit and Meera returned home. Rohit felt highly ashamed of his short sighted behavior.

“I am sorry Meera. I was too hard on you. Ever since we have been married I’ve always mocked at all your preferences. Please forgive me,” said Rohit.

Meera smiled. She was glad that Rohit repented for his behaviour.

A dress does not always define a person. Don’t be influenced by what is trending in today’s world. In order to blend into a crowd it’s not essential to wear clothes that don’t make you feel comfortable. Remember! It is your confidence and attitude that make heads turn and not merely your clothes.

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