The Non-Shopaholic Me

The Non-Shopaholic Me

Everyone is not a born shopaholic but definitely cajoled to become one. We all need to go out of our homes to buy things – daily and the necessities, and then, the luxuries. However, the word ‘shopaholic’ arouses only one image in our minds and that is usually a woman with heaps of bags in a shopping arcade.

But trust me, men too are shopaholics. Why always a woman is targeted? Shopping is gender-neutral. Moreover, it’s just not clothes and accessories. It can mean several things.

My father, for instance, goes crazy whenever he enters the fish and vegetable market. You can’t take him to a mall or otherwise. How many of you are aware of a Bengali’s love for fish, I don’t know, but my father is the epitome in this regard. He loves to force purchase varieties of fish despite staunch refusal by my mother. And, the house is soon set on fire. The regular banters can’t keep my father’s purchasing habit in check!

Even my husband can spend long hours selecting one shirt! He will look for the date of manufacturing, this and that, and make the helping guys at the store go nuts. I wonder how they don’t throw him away! I’ve never come across such a finicky person like him. The same story unfolds in the regular shopping too. He will observe each fruit and vegetable closely and then put them in the cart.

I can’t sideline, my shopaholic boy, too. He will fill his cart with all his favourites – toys, chocolates, and everything. For some buttering purpose, he would also take vegetables or some home needs! However, thanks to Corona, he had been sitting at home, and his father is doing all the shopping.

Now, it’s my turn. I’m a woman and I don’t like to shop. Despite being surrounded by a shopaholic man and a kid, I hate it. Oxymoron? Well, yes. But do all women like to shop? I don’t think so.

Standing endlessly, pushing the crowds, bargaining, and then buying one piece – it sucks. Today you can shop all-round the year and clock as well. I feel it’s depleting my precious time and energy. But, I do love to purchase sometimes, something. And when I go, I make it quick and don’t fuss excessively!

I’ve heard of shopping therapy as a stress buster and I concede. However, I would be more comfortable utilising my earnings to shop what I wish to. And, so, my several shopping plans have been deferred, or rather, safely locked in some vaults! Spending someone else’s money, no matter if he is my husband, for my fancies doesn’t make me happy. Moreover, I love to spend when I actually need it. Hoarding is not for me. I can’t purchase ceaselessly just for the sake of it – time-pass, killing time, or whatever.

There are women who can mindlessly shop, wasting their own money (if they are working) and also their husband or family’s. I simply wonder how they can manage to do so! My self-respect allows me to neither spend other’s money nor dwindle gratuitously. Besides, it’s the hard-earned money that should be saved and used purposefully. You never know when the time will change and you can hit the streets at any moment. It feels scary, isn’t it?

Anything excess is bad for health – physical and mental. And, I consider, shopping addiction ruins mental health the most. It creates a vicious circle. The pressures and comparisons blind the senses and manipulate our every action and behaviour. This leads to ill-treating the near and dear ones. Thus, the entire family set-up gets upset.

And, so, in today’s times, it is of utmost importance to preserve and safeguard the mind against such triggers.

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