The obligatory shopaholic

Vidya’s excitement knew no bounds. Her dream of joining one of the most coveted and reputed colleges in the city had come true. She had earned it owing to dedication and perseverance. 

The obligatory shopaholic

Vidya’s excitement knew no bounds. Her dream of joining one of the most coveted and reputed colleges in the city had come true. She had earned it owing to dedication and perseverance. 

Vidya walked along the footpath of fashion street in Mumbai along with her best friend Meera. 

“Wow! Look at this T-shirt Meera. It will look awesome with my blue denim,” turning to the shopkeeper, “Bhaiyya, how much?”

Meera pulled Vidya closer, “You are going bonkers. You have already purchased so much. Why are you wasting money on clothes and accessories? Your mother is going to be wild at you.”

“Oh ho Meera. Just this one time. I don’t have anything good to wear to college. It’s a new start for us. I will take care of Aai.”

Back at home, not only was Vidya’s mother angry, but her beloved father was also extremely disappointed.

“You are aware of our humble beginnings and the struggle we had while bringing you up. I don’t want to bombard you with sermons. You are clever and wise enough. Think for yourself.” 

Baba was a man of few words. But it hit Vidya hard, and she vowed to keep down her expenses.

Years ran by, and Vidya had successfully completed a double degree. Soon she started working in a corporate bank. She earned the kind of money that her parents had never seen. Their joy knew no bounds. Years of hard work had paid off for them.

They no longer had to wait for the first of a month to buy groceries and necessities. They no longer had to curb expenses after the twentieth of a month. 

In fact, they no longer went to shops and supermarkets or waited in a queue. Everything was taken care of by Vidya with just a click of the finger. They were elated with the improvement in their standard of living.

In a few months, Vidya was promoted, and she had to immediately leave the city. She was posted in Delhi. Though it was difficult to stay away from home and eat the food not prepared by her mother, still she managed. Her parents were also getting accustomed to the new setting.

Life went on swiftly until one day.

“Vidya, we need to buy a new grinder. The earlier one is ages old and breaks down every second day. Can you order it online?”

“Come on Aai don’t be so dependant on me for small things. I have taught you, and baba to use your tab. I will provide you with my account details. You check online and buy for yourself. Also, remember to check the ratings and reviews for a better understanding of the product.”

“Okay then. Let me try.”

Vidya’s parents were successful at placing an order. They were glad that they could do online shopping. Just when her mother was about to close the tab, a notification popped up. It read that Vidya’s order for twenty sets of salwar kameez was delivered. She was shocked. Immediately, as a reflex, she checked her order history. To her horror, this was going on for quite a long time. Every order placed was in bulk, and an order was placed literally every week. 

She rushed to her husband and showed him the details. 

“Is something wrong with Vidya? Why would she order so much? Look, hundreds of household and sanitation items. Clothes and bed sheets too. Oh God has she become a shopaholic devil? Or is it a psychological disease to be treated? Oh, my sweet child, what have we done to you! Is it because of all the struggle we faced when she was a kid? Did she feel deprived of all this for so many years?” she cried.

“Oh stop all the cribbing. It’s better to ask her straightways,” Baba tried to calm her down and dialled Vidya’s number.

“Hi Baba, all done? I got the notification. Great choice of grinder,” Vidya beamed.

“Beta, I wanted to ask you something. Just enquiring. While we were making the payment, we received a notification that many dresses were delivered to you. “

“Oh, that one baba. Remember as a kid, I always told you that when I grow and earn, I will donate fifteen per cent of my earnings. I kept my promise, and each month I have been buying necessary items and donating them to the needy. I was planning to tell you the same during my next visit.”

Aai heaved a sigh of relief, “Indeed, we were successful in our upbringing.”

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