The palace of love

The palace of love

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within! says -Maya Angelou

This phrase aptly befits a woman.A woman is not just a man's shadow. A shadow that is destined to follow him through his actions, journeys, travails and fallacies, for she has her own light!

A light that repudiates the taint of guilt smeared on her by the society at large.

A light that shines ardently through the burden of responsibilities she endures each day!

She is not a gentle wave of caress, she takes the form of a tempest or a melting volcano if the situation demands.

She turns the home into an abode, with her warmth!

She holds together shattered pieces, when the foundation of the family seems to be in shackles.

She knits the rips of misunderstanding in long cherished bonds with her golden touch!

She untangles the knots of flaws in the ones who abide close to her heart.

She sacrifices her dreams, her passions sepulchred under the burden of priorities to set her nest.

She juggles her profession and home with her multi-faceted personality.

She spends sleepless nights tending her child, nurturing them with her care all through.

She transforms into a tigress in the face of  adversities, seldom does she expose her tender core shedding those tears of apprehension.

She metamorphosis herself from that clumsy girl to a caring wife, a daunting daughter-in-law and a devoted mother!

She moulds her child by sowing seeds of compassion, trust in their nascent minds.

She chisels their lives, ensuring the scars incurred by the world won't dodge them down.

She fits together in all the stages of her life transmogrifying each time.

She turns the naive abode into her palace with her ceaseless love!

For her very existence, her solace is enough to build palaces of love!


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