The Perfect Score

The Perfect Score

It was a summer afternoon and there was a chaos of school buses on the roads.

And mothers while waiting for their kids' school bus at drop points were discussing different issues like maids, household chores, kids activities, their academic performance etc.

Like every other day, Shivani was waiting for her daughter's school bus.

Today when Siya got down from the school bus she seemed to be sad.
Usually, she was bubbly and excited to share her tiny-tales of the school with her mom, Shivani.

"Is something wrong, Siya?" Asked Shivani.
"Nothing mom, " murmured Siya.
But Shivani's motherly instinct had sensed that something was wrong.

Shivani used to work as a school teacher but after the birth of Siya, she was a stay-at-home mom and a tutor.

Today Siya didn't show any interest in eating her snacks also.

It was 4 pm and Shivani's students had come. She got busy with her tuition classes. While teaching she heard Siya sobbing in the other room.

Shivani rushed to Siya's room and she saw Siya was weeping sitting in a corner with a paper in her hand.

"What is the matter Siya?" Shivani asked anxiously.
"Mumma, I haven't scored 25 out of 25 in Maths this time, " cried Siya. And she pushed the paper toward Shivani. It was her Maths corrected answer sheet.

Siya was a brilliant student of 5th grade and she had been scoring full marks in her exams till date. But this time Siya had scored 21 out of 25.

At that moment Shivani realised that her daughter is just running towards achieving the perfect score and she wasn't ready to accept any kind of failures.

Shivani wanted her daughter to focus on the hard work done towards any goal more than the success or failure.

And she wanted Siya to learn lessons from her failures and move ahead in life.

Shivani knew that Siya considered her as her role model.

Shivani hugged crying Siya tightly and told her that it was never the scores which mattered. Only her efforts were important.

"You have scored 21 which is a very good score. You know I had once failed in my Maths exams, " said Shivani.

"Mom, you and failed!" Siya's teary eyes got wide open with surprise.
Siya was thinking about how come her perfect mother could ever fail.
"Ma! Are you saying this just to cheer me up?" Asked Siya in a perplexed tone.

"Siya! I had scored 6 out of 20," exclaimed Shivani.

"What did you do then?" Asked Siya wondering.

I took the failure as a lesson and worked on my mistakes which had led me to score poorly.

And next time I scored very good marks.

Siya was listening to Shivani very attentively.

"Ma, I am hungry. Is there something to eat?" Asked Siya wiping leftover tears in her eyes.

"Of course my darling!" Shivani replied and chuckled.

"I love you Mom!" mumbled Siya and embraced Shivani.

That night while lying on the bed Shivani was smiling thinking about her conversation with Siya.

"What happened?, Why are you smiling?" inquired Shivani's husband.

She narrated the whole incident to her husband.

And told him how her one white lie had made their daughter understand a big lesson of life.

Sunita Singh

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