The Quiet Demise

The Quiet Demise

As the morning alarm rings, lakhs of people around the globe, start their day with a thought to embrace new challenges at work, to finish what was left half done and eventually look for growth.

Whether they like it or not, is a second thought because all they wish for is the job to stay.
We sometimes hear this from people - Oh, I have nothing to worry. My job is safe.
But have you ever wondered, Is there any job, that is absolutely safe?

What if one day we woke up to a world with no work?

For centuries, experts have predicted that machines would make workers disused. What would happen if technology permanently replaces human work? Could that be the end of our working life?

Well, technology could exert a slow but continual downward pressure on the value and availability of work. The end of work is still just a futuristic concept. But if you observe the capabilities of machines and technology as a whole, they continue to expand exponentially, while our own efforts remain the same.

It's the technology that made Self Check-In counters at the airport, self-billing counters at kiosks, drones for multiple uses, self-driven cars, robots with different motives and targets and whatnot.

Technically it is the human that puts their minds in it but once done, the first thing it does is downsize the workforce.

Is this leading to rising of the Sun from the west and set in the east?

Take, for instance, COVID and its effect. Lots of businesses, offices, got affected badly, so much so that people lost their jobs. As a result, it leads to an emotional breakdown of people, impacting their mental health. The same is with technology and machines. The economic breakdown at a personal level,  from this, will lead to a mental breakdown.

There is no second thought, about how technical knowledge is trying to overpower human knowledge. But there is one thing, that technology can never acquire is humanity. This is something that a machine cannot cross. A person's capacity for compassion, deep understanding, is inimitable. The positive psychology for complete well being can never be achieved fully by machinery, in the same way as we do. The creativity level of a human brain cannot be accomplished completely by machinery.

But, still, the prospect of no work, seems a significant possibility in future with its own set of consequences. It might not be visible now, but slowly through the past, it is progressing towards a day in our lives when we might experience, a part of our world heading towards a quiet demise.

Sushma Tripathy

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