The Reel & Real Life Heroine - A fighter , survivor and healer

The Reel & Real Life Heroine - A fighter , survivor and healer
The Reel & Real Life Heroine - A fighter , survivor and healer

"Above all, be the heroine of your life,not the victim."

- Nora Ephron

And, this is an article about a heroine who chose not be a sufferer!

This renowned actress and entrepreneur, Vannshree Pande ,through turmoil and turbulence, rose like a Phoenix!

The moment I talked to her, the moment I met her, there was breeze of positive vibes wrapping me.

Vannshree Pande,a famous Maharashtrian actress, born and brought up in                  Mumbai( Bombay) ,began her career with modelling, she says "she breathes acting". Her flamboyance and vivaciousness has always made her fans fall for her.

This Navratri, let us all know more about this amazing woman, to celebrate the true essence of womanhood and woman empowerment.

What do we do when we fall ill? What do we do we have to face the worst in life? 

We bicker and curse the Almighty, many a times we even fall prey becoming a victim.Isn't it?

In 2012, Vannshree was detected appendix,after having severe nausea and vomits. The doctor suggested her to get it operated ASAP, unfortunately her husband was out of the country for work purpose , but this lady stayed strong for herself and for her family.

With unendurable pain for the next few days, she was suggested a biopsy, where it was detected that her appendix was ENDOMETRIC - A medical disorder where the tissues lining inside the uterus start growing over the uterus and ovaries making a thick lining, the condition is called as Endometriosis. "This condition is unbearably painful " she says.

Soon, her periods/ menstruation cycle was medically stopped and she was kept on high dosages of steroids that made her weaker physically and emotionally. But... But.. But... She chose to be a survivor , and not a victim. 

The steroids obviously affected her physically, the actress inside of her would screech everytime she saw her unusual weight gain. Not just that, she went through a lot of mocks from the subjective society and jabs of body-shaming. She took it all in a positive way, and with parents' and family's support, she stood rock solid to face all the critical situations thrown at her.

From 2012- 2019, Vannshree has gone through multiple censorious surgeries, through out this difficult journey, her parents and husband helped her sail through the worse. Even while battling the trauma, she didn't complain.

We get a glimpse of her optimism when she says " I infact, thanks the Endometriosis for making me believe in myself and helping me rope into the real faith and embrace spirituality. She then adds "This tough journey made me perceive the beauty of good things in life, the preciousness of goodness."

She firmly states - 

Don't be a sympathy gainer, be a woman of solidarity! 

Today, she's endoFREE and with that she has victoriously begun the new innings of her life as a spiritual healer. She has also entered into entrepreneurship with her costume & jewelry brand 'Nayapan Creation' , which is being applauded and loved by all.

When asked her that what gives her courage to talk and discuss about her pain:-

She smiled and replied " Women take their health for granted, either in the name of social tabboo or by overlooking its importance. I am discussing my situation so that every woman going through some or the other symptoms or pain may understand the crux of the matter and get their health check ups done regularly. "

We women, are the foundation of our society and courageous women like Vannshree Pande, build a strong and healthy foundation for the better and bright future of womahood.

Her journey before and after the Endometriosis has made her follow and implement certain protocols in her life.... that she wishes to share with everyone and adapt in their lives.

The 5 D's


Because, you get a direction in life only when you are determined and dedicated about something and it is your discipline that helps you reach your goal.

The 5 P's


Because, once you know your purpose and passion you definitely try making it your profession and being happy in your most-loved job definitely gives you perks and peace.

This Navratri, taking a lessons on the depth of life, from this amazing, down to earth personality and an optimistic survivor, we all must take a pledge to take care of ourselves and to invest in our health and basic needs.

My gratitude to this kind and humble soul for letting me write about her ❣️

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