The surrogate mother-in-law

The surrogate mother-in-law

'You are infecund, sorry but, I don't see any chances of your being pregnant.' These painful words kept hovering in Amita's mind, making her heart ache in distress.

Amita & Amit were married for 6 years and were hopefully and tirelessly planning for a child but, all their efforts were futile. Amita was diagonsed with blocked fallopian tube causing a pelvic inflammatory diseases, leading to her infertility.

But, they both had not given up on their dream of being parents.They went to many other doctors, got innumerous tests done, prayers were made at temples and mosques, they left no stone unturned but, nothing fruitful.

Loneliness had already started adjoining them.2 years back they both had got separated from Amit's parents who lived in Delhi.Amit was the only son of his parents, Radha and Keshav. His parents were simple, conservative and extremely understanding couple. Amita was always poisoned about her in-laws by her mother.Her mother would always pitch her mentioning that, Amit's parents are very doting and over-possesive about their son and, that may hamper her and Amit's married life.

After living apart, both the couples would meet only on festivities and occasions.Radha had always been very overwhelming towards her daughter-in-law, but sadly she was always misunderstood.

In this traumatic journey of yearning to embrace motherhood, Amita was falling prey to depression and anxiety.Amit sensed that, she needed someone to take care of her.There he was in a dilemma because, her mother had been to the USA, for her sister-in-law's pregnancy and he was not sure if she would be happy getting help from her mother-in-law.

To his surprise, when he asked her, she at once accepted to call her mother-in-law to stay with them.Amit immediately called his mother and, the caring Radha took the next train to Mumbai.

Radha took charge of all the household and made sure that, Amita gets proper rest and relaxation of mind.She sent Amita for the meditation classes too.Amita really felt thankful towards the gestures of her mother-in-law but, she was still in the turmoil and anxiety of not being able to conceive. Radha could completely smell her stress.

Radha had a habit of following news channels and thus,one day while watching  news ,she read a headline that 'SRK (actor Shahrukh Khan) and his wife Gauri have welcomed their third child through surrogacy.'

She had no clue about 'surrogacy' but, she wanted to learn about it as she felt it might be helpful for her kids.She instantly called her niece Devika and asked her to gather information about surrogacy and let her know about it.

In a day or two Devika precisely explained the term surrogacy to her aunt. Radha was now quite convinced.She called up her husband and told him to come to Mumbai as soon as possible.

Within a week,Keshav came to Mumbai, he was hintless about Radha's contemplation, until Radha narrated him, her thought process and asked him to support her decision.Keshav had no reason to deny her thus,like always he joined her.

Radha called in Amit and Amita in the drawing room.They had got no pointer,they looked oblivious.Radha made them both sit, she then held Amita's hand and said 'Beta,I can see you going through a lot these days, and I see that hope and longing in your eyes to be a mother.'

Before Amita could reply anything, Radha declared that ' If you both do not have any issue, would you both choose me as a surrogate mother to bring my grandchild in this world?'

Amita had no words to reply, she was shivering in tears.She hugged Radha and touched her feet being thankful and blessed to get a mother-in-law like her.

Soon Radha went through all the necessary surrogacy tests and, conceived.In a year she delivered Amita and Amit's bundle of joy, Aarav.

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