Through the daze!

Through the daze!

Sipping her mundane cup of coffee, with the plume of steam rising high, the tiny droplets settle on her spectacles, partially blurring her vision.

As thoughts brew in her mind, the angst swiftly swathes her, she dreads that her identity like the vapors would fade away into oblivion, without even the specks of her existence been left behind.

The tharavadu(ancestral house) located amidst mesmerizing beauty encompassing the mellifluous chirping of birds, the lush greenery, the fresh air, all far from her sight, beyond the realms of her mind.

The daze of thoughts, transcends her to a nostalgic mode, as she reminisces Ravi's last visit to the tharavadu, to be a part of his father's funeral.

She had single-handedly managed to tend to his ailing father, a tough battle against Alzheimer's. With each passing day, the bouts of forgetfulness were rapidly increasing, all he could remember was about his only son.

Her frequent calls to Ravi were answered by series of recorded voice messages.
Ravi seemed to be quite content with his life in a foreign land, neither did he long to see his parents nor did he yearn for the earthly scent of his homeland.

All just an evanescing memory now.

As her family, their needs, their responsibility turned her priority, her dreams took backstage, buried underneath the burden of her onus.

Now, all alone, as loneliness writs the walls of the tharavadu, she questions her worth.

"I lived for them was that worth it?"

"My unfulfilled dreams, my sacrifices, my care, and above all my love obliterated into the daze of life, unknown, unseen by the world I abide, overlooked by my son."

"Should I still wait for Ravi?"

"Is my life even significant?"

"Does my existence even matter?"

"What else do I have to anticipate?"

She was lachrymose, as her heart grieved, her moist eyes anticipated him!



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