Top Indian female youtubers

Top Indian female youtubers

Top Indian female you tubers-

YouTube where you can share your videos has emerged much more than just an entertainment channel. This is a platform that gives everyone an equal opportunity to showcase your talent. You may be an entertainer, a tutor, motivator, singer, dancer or whatever and YouTube is here to give you name and fame both.

Irrespective of cast gender, colour, skill, talent or language, here is an opportunity for everyone. IF we talk about initial years, YouTube was known more as an entertainment channel but with time its image has changed like anything. Now for all your questions you have to just search on YouTube and from your kitchen to business/office all your answers will be here with video presentations.

Earlier number of females on YouTube was really not very big but now the females are coming out and the number of active female You Tubers has increased like anthing. Initially there was just one female with more than 1 million subscribers but now there are hundreds of women having lakhs of subscribers. Especially If we talk about lockdown period, a new wave of you tubers have emerged while showcasing their talent or sharpening their skills.

Let us list down few females you tubers or YouTube Celebrities who have earned name and fame both through this platform.

Sonali Bhadauria is India’s famous for dance choreography videos

Her channel, “LiveToDance with Sonali”, was created in 2016.

YouTube Subscribers: 2.02 Million


Anisha’sYoutube channel is famous for making entertaining videos.

Her channel Rickshawali was created in 2013.

YouTube Subscribers: 2.44 Million


Trisha’s channel is famous for videos on beauty tips (Hair Care, Makeup, Skin Care, Weight loss, etc.)

Her channel Indian Girl Channel Trisha  was created by Trisha in 2016.

YouTube Subscribers: 2.48 Million


Shirley Setia’s channel is loved by all.  In a short period of time she has beome social media sensation and also she is known for her singing.

YouTube Subscribers: 3.3 Million

Her Channel is: Shirley Setia


Prajakta Koli is known for making comedy videos. Her videos are mostly based on her daily life.

YouTube Subscribers: 5.1 Million

Her Channel is: MostlySane


Pooja Luthra is a famous for videos about home remedies for skincare.

YouTube Subscribers: 5.55 Million

Her Channel is: Pooja Luthra


Kabita Singh is famous as culinary sensation on YouTube. Her videos prsents interesting recipes with easily available ingredients.

YouTube Subscribers: 6.57 Million

Her Channek Kabita’s kitchen was started  in 2014


Shruti Iyer - a fashion blogger famous for her fashion tips and at times for her funny videos.

Her youtube Channel Shruti Arjun Anand was started  in 2010.

YouTube Subscribers: 6.73 Million


So, girls why to wait, next hit can be your channel..go and start today.


Madhu Lata

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