We Don't Need Your Validation!

We Don't Need Your Validation!

The street bustled with vehicular traffic. Preeti tried to sail through the frustrating traffic but she felt disturbed by the incessant honking. She looked out of the window and stared at those who were honking unnecessarily.

"Oh God, it's a woman driver. Why do women try to drive a car when they can't do it with ease?" she heard someone shriek.

"They cannot even ride a bicycle and they dream of driving a car," another man joined the bandwagon.

Preeti seethed with anger on hearing those misogynistic comments and was tempted to give a fitting reply but the traffic was cleared coercing her to ignore the clacking tongues and start driving.

In another city, Sheena walked to the patient and was about to administer him local anaesthesia. He stopped her and asked, "Don't you have a male doctor?"

"No," she replied his question taking her by surprise.

"Why?" she asked.

"I don't think women have the energy needed to remove a tooth," he said smiling insincerely.

She felt insulted by his words and tried to give him a piece of her mind.

" Proper tooth removal is done based on a technique and the gender of the doctor performing the procedure is irrelevant."

But her words went to deaf ears.

In another faraway city, passengers entered into the aeroplane. The pilot too ascended the stairs and entered when she heard someone say, "Oh God, Is there a dearth of male pilots in India? Why has this airline employed a female pilot? Our lives are in the hands of a female now."

"You were born out of a female and are dependent on a female on everything yet you hurl insults at them. How dare you," the pilot wished to confirm him but keeping her work ethics in mind she restrained herself from doing so.

Who is Preeti? Who is Sheena? Who is the pilot?

Do we know them? Yes, we all do. They are women like us who are being subjected to discrimination and bias every day.

"Women can't drive," we have been hearing this for aeons now. All women can do is cook,clean and rear a child .

Women have become the butt of everyone's jokes. Such jokes are often circulated on social media and it's ironic that women too laugh at the jokes (read themselves).

Ola is going to establish a factory that will be run and headed by women. We can find women delivery agents who do their job diligently. Women have proven themselves in every sphere of life.

We women don\"t need any encouraging words to achieve something remarkable. If people stop taunting women unnecessarily that itself would be a great help.

So the next time someone says you are a woman. You can'tt do this. You know what to reply.

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