Weekend poetry challenge #MemoryLane 27-28 November 2021

Weekend poetry challenge #MemoryLane 27-28 November 2021

#thepinkcomrade #weekendpoetrychallenge 

This weekend the beautiful poetry prompt is given by #pinkpoetryqueen #Sangeethaprabhu.

Topic - Memory Lane

Word count - minimum 150 words

Time limit - 27-28 November 2021

Ps - Multiple entries are most welcome

Below is the mesmerizing Poetry on the #memorylane by the poetry queen herself. 

Hello October!...Still missing you in my favourite month of orchestra and symphony of leaves fluttering, fires crackling, hope flickering in the honeyed golden realms

October, the showstopper grand finale when autumn limbers in with grace like a soft serenade in all her bridal finery of reds and gold reminding me of my bountiful days of glory old

Regaled with a bounty of towering flamed foliage, I walk in the fall rain, soaking in the crimsons before they become one with the sable carpeted quilt on the ground.

Sitting in front of a fireplace, sipping your favourite mulled apple cider, hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream,

With the fragrance of baking cinnamon-vanilla cookies wafting from my kitchen like a dream.

Woolly socks, plaid blankets thrown around to snuggle into as I watch the soft-spun clouds and fading sepia sunlight outside... without you.

Decor of pinecones, wreaths, Jack-o'-lantern; decadent colours all around, 

Along with scarlet timeless beauty of foliage abound

How still the world is, with the pause in birdsongs and scampering of critters

The October wind whispers her secrets as she sings her bronzed songs

As nature hibernates to preserve the acorns and holly-berries, until spring bursts forth with bountiful cornucopia

I remember the autumn skies and pumpkin pies, guitar-strumming bonfire evenings with you

My soul ventures into the jewel-toned wilderness, waltzing with enchanting colourful horizons for peace and bliss to render

Rhythm of wisdom to rise even as I fall to pieces when I pine for you, to embrace the dim sunlight and thick fog rolls, it's where my love for you is deep and true.

Heart broken trees like me, stand tall and bare,singing grieving lullabies as they shed rainbow tears dissolving into the carpet bed of ochre mulch.

I miss your laughter, the way you could make things easier and better, I wish I could hug you longer and tighter.

Grief is always tucked away into corners, hard to reach places sticking like shimmer and shine of glitter.

It will soon be another Christmas without you, joy is out of reach; sadness rife but seasons come and go, so do autumnal phases in life.

By - Sangeetha Prabhu

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