What do The Pink Comrades have to say about the buzzing 'Live-In Relationships'

What do The Pink Comrades have to say about the buzzing 'Live-In Relationships'

In todays busy world and this tech savvy generation has no time to spend and nurture relationships thus, they have turned up to embrace the trend of Live-In Relationships. 

Some feel that these kind of relationships are just and they shatter the harmony of our culture while some have happily adapted themselves towards this trend. 

Here's what our comrades have to say about it:

A foreign concept gaining prevalence, especially among the ‘ OTT’ generation - Vandana Oke

Live in relationships are here to stay. They are more common in big cities. Very soon they might be accepted by all in the society. - Vasudha Pansare

I don't like this relationship. Though it is gaining momentum, I am from old school. You better go for an agreement where if the marriage doesn't work, partners will part amicably without talking about alimony. - CA Pooja Kabra

I don’t appreciate this culture. It’s not about having regressive mind but somewhere we are pushing our certain good customs to the corner.

Pooja Gupta

I don’t believe in this funda, it’s as if use and throw, you like you keep it, you don’t like it, look for another one. - Dipanweeta Das

If a couple decides to have a "live in relationship" to see if they are compatible for marriage, they are making a mistake. Both can never be compared, and the strings that connect them are distinct. So think about what you want and review it. All of our Indian beliefs cannot be deemed incorrect or unsuitable. -Saumya Nair Goyal

I don't believe in this. You’ll stay as husband & wife, still can't name it otherwise! 

What's the meaning of staying with someone without feeling and emotion??

There’s more that they leave each other whenever they want without any legal notice. 

This concept is a hoax against ‘Marriage is an institution. - Pragyan Parimita Nanda

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