What I See Through A Rainbow

What I See Through A Rainbow

Rainbow is one of nature’s greatest optical phenomenon. While enjoying the rains, my eyes gaze at the sky and search around.

Hey look! I can see a RAINBOW ! Marvelous! Isn't it? 

The broader the Rainbow, the bigger is the smile on my face. It always felt that the Rainbow is smiling at me whether seen this way or turned upside down. Its enchanting to keep staring at it from a distance.

Rainbow is a one magical  performer in God's amphitheater. Thus, I could only think of joy echoing with rainbow, a sorrow finding no place to stay.

You know, until I understood the concept of  aeroplanes,I thought I can actually go beyond the rainbow and touch the sky. I used to fascinate about, standing on the rainbow arc and see how it looks to watch the world from a point, which everybody looks up to. How wonderful it will be to walk on this rainbow bridge and explore where it takes me and find out from where does it START and where it ENDS?

I always ponder on, what is inside a RAINBOW? Are there only these seven colours or some secret ingredient is hiding inside? Does it have an ENTRY and EXIT gate? Is this huge crescent following me, or rather I am following it?

Whenever a glowing rainbow breaks through the dark clouds alongwith a gazing sun, I see self capability and power it reveals to the world but without boasting about it, it just spreads over. It's colors, play the role of a creator, generating hope, vision, experiences, even if the sky seems dark and dim.

The glowing arc that appears high above the skyline, seems close and distant at the same time.It's unbiased and untouched and
it never differentiates among  the people who sight it.

I call it my Rainbow, at the same time, someone somewhere calls it their own, it's everyone's but it belongs to none. It comes and goes when it has to, without any domination.

Rainbow inspires me to confront and embrace my own potential, and just like it's infinite curve, it reminds me of endless possibilities.

Each colour has its own glory but when they cuddle each other they stand out as a mesmerizing wonder of science.That defines how conveniently possible it is, to hold together your presumptions and sensibilities of people around you. Together as a whirling ball of light, we can shine as brightly as possible.

Before the Rainbow fades away from the skyline, it leaves  a message - Dazzle your soul with the same humility as I do and no matter where you go in the world, carry the spirit of love, ray of hope, bridge full of vibrant colours and spread the optimism in someone's circle of life.

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