What's your forte?

What's your forte?

To love nature and preserve it we need to strive

also be giving and caring towards wildlifeI would often hear these quotes

To do something for them I was eager the most

Soon my concern for them into reality got translated

when my house by bats was invaded

In my room's attic they had made their roosting place

with them, I could no more share space

at sunset they would appear in all black

and give me almost a heart attac

looking at their peculiar features I would be awestruck

before they get closer to me I wished to jump into a truck

Where all the bats could follow me and I could leave them all in a faraway destination

my phobia gave wings to such silly imaginations

Finally experts were called and bats were driven away

after a long time I could relax in my room and enjoy a hot mug of coffee that day

As I was sipping my coffee while listening to my favourite rap

a lizard fell from ceiling right on my


I didn't know whether to jump off the couch or shout out loud

my brain and intelligence were completely clogged 

I closed my eyes as if waiting for a miracle

A heavenly feeling guided me as to how the situation should be tackled

I decided to make peace with my phobia and acted like a nice host

clicked a picture cute featuring my new dost!

I sent the picture to my hubby who was at work 

"I am leaving this house" was the caption

Reading which the poor fellow got a jerk.

He rushed home to see what was the matter

He was shocked to see me sit on the table top

The lizard was running all around the floor and would not stop

"I had pledged to preserve wildlife

but I didn't know they will take the literal meaning and enter to ruin my life."

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