Where Is Her Own Palace??

Where Is Her Own Palace??

There is a saying "A Queen knows her worth , so she doesn't wait for a king to make her life . But she gets busy building her own palace until the king arrives" . 

How far it is true and does the society accept the norm ? A girl from her childhood constantly givern the reminder that she will go to her own palace as a Queen . Although she gets all the affection from her parents , one day the papa ki pari has to move to her piya ka ghar . The emotions and feelings she once started to spin at her parents home , began shattered when she got married . 

Yes , it is only a girl who can only build the palace , be it her parents' or in law's/ husband's.  But have we ever thought which palace is of her own . The family a girl is born , tells her to wait for "Apna ghar" (own house) which is technically where she shall move to after she is married . But here once again after marriage , she hasn't come to her own house , she is in her in law's or husband's house and his family . 

At the Age of Women Empowerment still we are having the same traditional belief systems where the girl is independently dependant on her paternal family or husband's . When it comes to legal ownership of the property , it is always the papas , bhaiyaas and husbands who sign on the dotted lines . 

Where she should think of her own palace of dreams and aspirations ? Be a home maker or a successful entrepreneur our society thinks that it is solely the duties of a girl to take care all the household chores and everybody's emotions and happiness . She is bounded by her duties . As a home maker she never asks a peanut for her work or as an entrepreneur she never demands her own palace . 

Houses are made of stones and wood . But the real palaces are not the ones who live in , but the hearts we carry people in . And of course it is a woman who carries all her loved ones in her heart . 

Be it her Maika or Sasural , a woman builds her own palace by her beauty , wisdom and compassion . She has the ability to overcome any situation at home or at her work place.  

Apart from all these , still there is no conclusions...

Where is her own palace....??







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