Why didn't she stand for herself?

Why didn't she stand for herself?

" Okay darling! Don't worry, I won't be too late.You please don't wait for me and have the dinner on time."
As soon as Priti hanged up the call, her Kitty friends started teasing her, in awe of her loving and caring husband.

Priti just beamed and apprised her friends, of how blessed she is to have a husband like Jay. He was a true gentleman, he had given her the wings of independence.He had never judged her work priorities. She said , she falls short of words when it's about appreciating her beloved husband.He was her blessing in disguise.

Her friends called them both ' The match made in heaven', that made her grin again.In the middle of the kitty party games, Jay called her again.She went to another room , received the call and discussed something in low whispers , as if she was trying to explain something. Thus, a friend asked her if everything was okay. She just plainly replied 'Yes dear, it was Jay, he said he was missing me and so, I told him that I'll be coming soon' ( she blushed once again ). The friends who were teasing her till now, were envy of her husband's love and fondness about her.

They tried to make her spend more time with them,but, she was in her own tumult of returning home as soon as possible.She swanked them about her evening date with Jay.Thus, she left the kitty party in haste.

Before reaching home, she halted the rickshaw at a public washroom, changed her top and skirt to salwar kamiz and reached home.

The moment she entered home , she faked a smile and told Jay "Sorry dear, the office meeting extended, so got bit late." He completely ignored her words and slapped her for being late in office,and started offensing her for cooking the same vegetable twice in that week.

She tried to explain but, his rage was uncontrollable , he took out his belt and started hitting her saying "you should be thankful that, I have allowed you to work, don't take me for granted.I am keeping a watch on you, you slut!".

She was dreaded in tears, helpless,agonized , hopeless and shattered. It was her everyday routine of getting beaten by her husband, of getting abused by him.

Her glitch was that she had accepted her abusive partner's feral behavior.Rather than seeking help to come out of the bad marriage, she bragged false praises of her husband.That certainly gave him the courage to unfold his untamed demeanor.

Inside the kitchen, while spreading ointment on the fresh bruises, she sulked and pitied on her dual life, that she herself was responsible for.

She just anticipated if she could recollect her audacity and stand for herself someday.

She was yearning to shout out loud that ,he was a beast in disguise!

I know it seems easy for us to blame her for not standing for herself but, is that really so easy?

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