Why females are more prone to depression ?

Why females are more prone to depression ?

It’s wrong to say that there is a shift or change in a girl’s role in our society. There is indeed no change rather her role has expanded significantly. There is major increase in her responsibilities. Her complete ownership that was limited to kitchen and household only is taking a big leap. Her role playing is travelling from Kitchen to boardroom.

Yes, modern woman is becoming independent, she is well educated and she is aware of the world. I am sure this is what women are fighting since many years.  

Then, why there is so much unrest? Why woman is more prone to depression? What is that affecting her mental and physical health?

Friends, we need to understand that the work load woman is bearing now is almost twice of what those were having years back. To manage house, kids, social life and work place, that too all at a time demands your unstoppable commitment.  Yes, we are committed, we are doing all this. But, do we realise a sense of satisfaction?

Earlier women had the only job of managing their house but its different now.  It will not be wrong if I say that women are playing a rather challenging role than men. But, then there are factors which affect her health adversely. Let us just have a look:

 First of all, not getting any assistance from other family members. Here you may argue that domestic help is available to them. But, I differ, In many families people have their own standards; they don’t prefer the domestic help to work in kitchen.

A woman, who dictates terms at her work place, becomes literally a listener at home. She will have to listen to demands of kids, partner and elders. But, then who is there to listen her demands. Somewhere a kind of complex or frustration takes birth in her mind.

If man is working till late at night, he is putting up efforts but if woman works till late, she will be blamed to ignore the family. She will have to compromise either at work place or will have to again listen from family.

If kids perform well, no appreciation to mom but if in case they don’t, then certainly it’s the fault of mom…Mom becoming careless, ignoring her child’s future, etc.

 A guest at home; then this is a cal for leave from work, so what if there is an important meeting scheduled. But for male its again different. His work is a priority. Even the relative understands that. Parents take pride of his busy schedule.

Women, even after working double than her male colleague may not be rewarded suitably or even on illogical grounds may be denied of promotions or appreciations.

 Many a times for some personal reasons she may have to sacrifice her career or ambitions. There are very known reasons like marriage, for kids, husband transfer, and some urgency in family or so called other reason that may compel her to quit from job.

 See, if we carefully read above all points, we will understand that gender discrimination is existing in our society. Whether at home or at work, but you can’t deny that females are treated as a weak gender. Even after her proving herself in every field, she has to face a challenge every time from her male counterpart. All this lead her to frustration, rejection or depression,

This is our society and we can’t deny the fact that it will still take many years to fill this gap between the status of man and woman. From my point of view, only the woman can help herself. As she is fighting and winning at all the fronts, she will have to fight for her own health issues also. While performing all your duties, you need to maintain a balance within your own life. Eat well; sleep well is the winning mantra for all your health related fights.

Madhu Dhiman

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