Wisely breaking that beautiful stereotype. #Blogprompt - Beauty with Brain

Wisely breaking that beautiful stereotype.  #Blogprompt - Beauty with Brain

Human nature includes a desire to be attractive, and historically much of the fine arts are depictions of human beauty. Much time, money and emotional energy are spent in improving our appearance to reach a goal of beauty. People feel better about themselves when they think they are attractive to others.

Strangely, we devote portions of our brains in evaluating characteristics of attractiveness that appeal us. We absurdly iterate that our bodies are shaped not only for function but also to match the image of attractiveness to others.

“Attractiveness”,has become part of our status ranking and to deceive others and ourselves about our personal appearance.

However, for women, there has always been a stereotype that if they are beautiful, then they must be airheads or imbecile. And if a woman is intelligent, she must be an ‘ugly duckling’.

Still, none of us would ever willingly admit that we often stereotype people, mostly according to their appearance, ethnicity, accent and even choice of profession. Rather, we assess people based on our notions of appearance and wisdom.

But don’t you think, beauty isn’t about having a pretty face or flaunting looks. Rather, it is about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and most importantly, a beautiful soul.

And how do you define intelligence or grey matter quotient for anyone and specially a woman. Does anyone necessarily has to crack civil services examination or be a part of space research program to validate their intellect.

As a society, don’t you think knowingly or unknowingly we have set quiet unreal standards for women as rigid moulds wherein every woman constantly tries to befits herself , in order to seek a validation from society including her loved ones ,and mostly a label for being a woman of substance.

In my understanding, even a homemaker who wisely saves and invests her husband’s income, as little as it could be, saves a portion of it for the dark winter days, however, conventional her method be, is classically beautiful in her actions and brainy in her thoughts.

During these turbulent times, that the world is going through, there have been umpteen instances where the market investments may have turned their investors down owing to unpredictable and uncontrollable circumstances, but even in these toughest hours of storm, the home minister in our homes always ensured that there was food on the table. Be it through her own income or through unique way of making adjustments within confines of her limited network.

Every woman (read creature) is beautiful in its own unique way. If their appearance doesn’t align with one’s definitions of beauty, probably one should consider re-defining their standards. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Isn’t it?

And every individual whose actions are convincingly sane enough, rather whose ideologies and mindsets doesn’t set barrier for other’s actions and more importantly doesn’t hurt others’ beliefs or sentiments, is brainy enough.

Any diva, who may fumble to differentiate between different shades of color may be unparalleled in building heaven out of waste. All we need to do is probably change our lenses to identify the strength of an individual.

For all the gorgeous and brainy ladies out there, yes! Each one of you –  

With fire in your belly and an eye for the stars,

with love in your heart , when you hide your unhealing scars,

with life in your veins and passion in your arms,

 you are the goddess of the universe that possess all the charm.

If anytime you feel that your grey cells lack in proportion,

It’s only time when you fail to realize your own stature.

So ladies, Be you! Be wise! Be beautiful!

Thank you for reading.


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