Womanhood in me inspires me!

Womanhood in me inspires me!

Inspiration is an ever-going process for an energetic person. Inspiration is not restricted to any period. You get inspired several times throughout your life journey and you too become a source of inspiration for others, as well. There are eminent women, who are protagonists in their endeavours to get inspired by but for me, I get enlightened by many women who were actually around me, as I can feel affiliated to them. A person can be the same but inspiration differs. Your disposition makes you feel inspired.

The intellectual girl, who was the clincher in my batch, in my school days has stimulated me to focus and discipline in studies. She had mastery in all the subjects and answers to all queries was on her fingertips..... My inner will and vitality have inspired me to be a scholar like her.

The beautiful and gorgeous girl in my college hostel has inspired me that studies are not the only priority, a woman's strength has in her elegance as well. The way, she was carrying herself has revamped me from tomboy to a girlish identity....... Inspired by her, I earned the perfect package of beauty with brain.

Professional life exposed many challenges to me but the one right in front of me was my guide, project manager. In such an early age being a single mother, she was so victorious. A magnificent leader, who knew how to got the best out of employees, a humble person, a one-woman show, she was..... My ambition pulled me and inspired me to become like her.

A mother of three children, living in outskirts of the city, with almost no amenities, managed her family to the best. She gave her whole life for her children and made them the finest personalities. She loved her responsibility then and now. Age is just a number because she at the age of 60, can do what age of 16 probably can't do. She has great skills to do, what she dreams. She is my biggest inspiration which is assisting me to become an optimistic mom. She is none other than my" Mom.".......My motherhood feeling inspired me to be a great mom like her.

I get inspiration from my friend who gets her curvy figure back in months after delivery.....My love for myself inspiring me to get back, what I have relinquished.

I get inspiration from a woman who strives to be an entrepreneur as a fresh startup, as an only way to forge an identity after being a mom.....My independent attitude is inspiring me to admire her direction to achieve the same for self.

I get inspired by senior women who live their life flawlessly leaving all burden behind, going for a world tour with sexy friends. I wish to subsist the same life in my old age.

I get inspired by my maid who is always cheerful even after gets beaten from a drunk husband and an extended list of troubles. She inspires me to be a fighter and believe in God.

I have come across many women in my life who has energized me in some of the other ways. In my thought, we inspire each other. Someone gets inspiration from me and I get inspired by others but the biggest factor of inspiration is own soul. My inner self always inspires me to do my best.

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