Work doesn't define a Person #weeklyblogprompt

Work doesn't define a Person #weeklyblogprompt

As I was waiting for her to arrive for the much pending interview, I found myself sweating profusely as this was my first ever ‘encounter’ with a person from this forced-profession.

She came 15 minutes late ,and looked really apologetic .I didn’t fuss much ,as I was getting delayed for the final submission of this interview next morning under the ‘factual story cover section’ of 4th semester during my Masters in journalism.

Hi,I am Sheila, and yours?’’ She initiated the conversation.

“Is that your real name?’ I asked in reflex.

She smile and nodded in affirmation.

“ Okay ,shall we start?” I asked still unaware, how to put my questions in the most polite way.

I guess she read my mind and said, “Before you ask anything ,let me see if my narration can fit as answers to your questions”.

I am from Northern part of India, born in a poor family as their 3rd and last child.I studied till class two and then sold to a beggars clan. I tried to escape, but I got into deeper trouble and they forced me into flesh trade.I am extremely helpless and unhappy .I tried to start afresh but I couldn’t get any decent job owing to my qualification.So I accepted this as my destiny.” She narrated almost without a full-stop which made me suspicious.I stared at her till she raised her brows and asked, “what?” I told you my tragic story and I hope this is all you wanted to know.All the best for your presentation”.

She got up to leave but as a last attempt I called out , “ Excuse me Sir” !

She paused and turned around, her confidence melted and her lips shivered, but she quickly collected herself and asked, “ Did you call me?”

Now, I was 200% sure and nodded back.

In the next 2 minutes we exchanged several quick glances and then I proceeded with my sets of questions.

“ What is your real name?”


You are from…?”

Cental India

"What is you qualification?”

I am an English Literature graduate

“So why did you choose this as a Profession ?”

I am not a female by birth as you have recognised ,but I am a woman by soul.I was in my teens when I had my first crush on my friend’s brother .Things got disclosed and my parents warned me to accept my form as my identity.I was exceptionally bright in studies and that hold me tight during those miserable days .I had to leave home to let my family continue to be a part of the esteemed society.At the age of 15,I was homeless, jobless.I was dragged into the group of eunuchs .I was molested by the leader day and night.I eloped from there and found a niche in a brothel.I was starving that night when ‘Amma’ as we called her fondly offered me shelter and food.She heard my story and we strike a deal.She will sponsor my education but I have to entertain her patrons.As I graduated,I started my job hunt, but destiny had something else stored for me.I couldn’t secure my future with a white collar job as they overlooked by credentials under my confused personality . I started taking online tuitions ,where I was less seen and heard more.That helped me collect enough to undergo the series of surgeries I needed to officially tag myself a woman.

As I was about to start my life afresh,I found many like me who are suffering and cursing their fate.We decided to work together for our ‘upliftment’.Tuition can earn my bread and butter but most of us were uneducated. We lacked funds.I was not sure which work should I call my job.I still remember,After my complete transformation, my first service to a millionaire . He offered me to be his escort as he found me intelligent enough to accompany him in conferences.I refused as I have another purpose in life.I need just enough to build the future of those unfortunate kids who are left alone to suffer just because they cannot fit into the categories defined by our society.The girls at the age 10 are placed before several men just to be ripped apart and demolish their soul.I have to make them self-sustainable.Basic education is the need of the hour.

For the society,I am a sex worker ,thats my profession. But for me ,my job is to secure the future of people like me who are outcasted just because they cannot identify with their body and those sisters who are pushed to this flesh trade .If ‘karma’ is defined as action, then my physical deed may be a sin but my intent is noble, my desire is pure.

All these time,I wonder if I had blinked my eyes as I was awestruck with Shivraj’s ideologies.I came to conduct a simple interview with a usual sex worker, but discovered a person who is ahead of physical demarcations.He spoke with conviction and his name does have a imprint on him.I was allured to publish his real story but Shivraj was not comfortable and I respected his request.

AfterI joined a reputed media firm,I met several sex workers and interviewed them as a part of my job, but one point stayed back with me-A work doesn’t define a person …intent does!

Note: This is a fictitious writeup with no resemblance to any real character or situation.If you enjoy reading the story please leave a comment

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