Zoya Farouqi from Qubool Hai my all-time favorite character

Zoya Farouqi from Qubool Hai my all-time favorite character

Television is so far,  the best invention of the entertainment industry. In the early 70s, it was introduced in our lives in India.

Earlier it was only one channel, our national channel 'Doordarshan', but the craze of those big black & white television with wooden cabinet along with the antennas was unexplainable. 'Hum Log', 'Nukkad', 'Buniyaad' 'Chitrahaar', 'Ye Jo He Zindagi' we're a few of our favourite most series on tv.

Later in the 90s with the evolution of satellite and cable connections many international channels and serials introduced in Indian tv. The entertainment content was a bit better and bolder than earlier Doordarshan times. Many youth-based shows such as 'Tara,' Campus', 'Banegi Apni Baat' were aired on different tv channels such as Zee tv, star plus and Sony tv. Later on, daily soaps were introduced and 'Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki', ''Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi' and reality shows based on singing, dancing and comedy shows became the favourite most shows of many.

Television serials are always close to my heart since childhood. There are many television shows which I used to watch without fail, but one of the tv series among all of these serial is my favourite most of all. This show is none other than" Qubool hai".The first season of this serial was aired in 2012 and it introduced 'Surbhi Jyoti' in the main lead as the iconic character of 'Zoya Farouqi'.

I still remember each and everything about this beautiful character of 'Zoya'. The whole story of the show revolved around this character Zoya. She was an NRI Muslim girl, who came to Bhopal in search of her lost father, whom she never saw before and meet her love interest 'Asad' and his family meanwhile, and finally, with the help of her love, she found her father.

Zoya was such a fierce and beautiful character. She was a strong-headed modern girl, who could not tolerate injustice and orthodox behaviour towards girls. 

One of the strongest message given by her with one of her dialogue in this series was "Don't judge a girl's character with her clothes'. Her love Asad once got mad to see Zoya in a short dress, but Zoya made him realize, that 'it was just her clothes, not her character'. Similarly in another scene when a stupid guy started stalking her, she gave a strong message to society by saying ' When a girl says no, then it's a complete no."

She was a beautiful, bubbly, a child-like innocent, always helping yet a strong-headed girl. She was modern but firmly stuck to her roots. I still remember every small scene of this extraordinary sweet character.

Her one-liner in the serial " Allah Miya What's wrong with you" is still one of my favourite most dialogue.

Though the tragic end of the love story of Asad and Zoya with their death scene still haunts me sometimes. Still surely the character of "Zoya Farouqi" gave me many good memories to cherish. I wang to give a heartfelt thanks to "Surbhi Jyoti" for playing Zoya with this much perfection and thanks 'Gul Khan' for giving us this iconic character 'Zoya'.

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