You Are Enough For You

You Are Enough For You

"Above all be the heroine of your life, not the victim"-Nora Ephron

Rita was a happy and carefree girl who found joy in the little things of life. She worked hard and secured good marks. Her dream was to bag a good job and support her parents.

When she was in the second year of her graduation Gautam's family approached hers seeking Ritu's hand in marriage. Her parents coaxed her into getting married stating that they may not find such a good alliance in the future. Being an obedient daughter Ritu gave in. To her surprise, Gautam had promised that he would support her in finishing college and aid her family financially. 

She took the plunge and her life was a bed of roses for a year. It was when Gautam lost his job and had become a slave to alcohol. Every day he would come home in an intoxicated state and enter into a squabble with Ritu.

She took up a job in a private firm to support her family. Gautam fumed in envy when she spoke to her male colleagues. He doubted her intentions. He made sure she never wore good outfits or applied makeup to work. He deemed her character as impure but it was his mindset that was impure.

Ritu could comprehend his intentions but wanted to give him another chance.

One day Gautam spotted her talking to a male colleague and that night, enraged he hit her. The next day she woke up with swollen eyes and blue and violet marks all over her body. This repeated every night.

When she shared her woes with her parents, they rubbed her off saying it was okay for a woman to get hit. She needs to be patient and understanding because she is a woman.

After a few months, she conceived and it brought a change in his behaviour. She was happy and forgave him for all his misdeeds.

Five years passed by and Gautam had found a job. They were a happy family.

On an evening Ritu informed him that she wished to continue working. On hearing that he turned into a monster and hit her head to the wall and rebuked her. She bore everything in silence. After all, she wanted to give her daughter a happy family.

The next evening he returned home with the odour of alcohol emanating from him. On questioning about the same, he hit Ritu black and blue. Their daughter observed all this hiding behind the door. Trembling with fear she began crying.

It was a final nail to the coffin when he hit his daughter.

She lost all the patience. She left the house with her daughter and filed for divorce. After battling for three years the court granted her divorce and her daughter's custody and Gautam had been imprisoned.

It's been ten years now and even today she can hear people murmur," She's a divorcee."

Some deemed her to be characterless while some called her an attention seeker.

She survived the marriage and she survived the divorce too.

She paid no heed to the venom spitters. All she wanted was to give her daughter a safe environment and a bright future.

She ended the abusive relationship and a bright future awaited her,

The end led to a new beginning.

When you let go and say goodbye life will reward you with a new hello.

My dear Romania,

Shun your fears,

Face every challenge,

Embrace the opportunities,

Be your knight in the shining armour,

Do yourself a favour,

Be your saviour.

Dear friends,

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