You had ORGASM??

You had ORGASM??

The Oohh-Ahhh and Ooooo's... that moment when you lose control over yourself, because it feels so damn good. That tingling ecstasy of orgasmic pleasure is always divine. 

So scientifically, an orgasm is considered the peak of sexual pleasure that includes a series of muscle contractions, also called as coming or climax. 

But that isn't actually justified until and unless both the partners get drenched in the euphoria of those magical juices, right? 

So my first question would be "You had orgasm?" And I know many might not accept, but something as basic as orgasm is still an disillusioned fantasy for countless.Satisfying your man shouldn't be your only gain in bed. 

Men shake out their sperms and relish the pleasure, what about women? Is orgasm just a overhyped taboo??If women orgasm, they won't conceive! Would it be the end of the world if women won't have orgasms? 

Arrrghh!!!! Living with so many dissensions is practically so doltish. Isn't it? 

Do women really need vibrators for savoring the delightful orgasm? Why don't they voice up their needs to their men? Let your man know what takes you to heaven! 

Here are a few tips that might help you reach there on time?:

1. Don't just be the pleasure giver, talk to him and feel that moment of peak. When a woman gets 'it' she feels treasured.

2. Sex is for both, share your preferences on bed, unveil your fantasies to your partner.

3 .Explore all the fun, don't just hit up.

4. Relax and seduce, remember hurry makes worry.

5.Wear those frills & laces and... get set go. 

6. Equating orgasm is all about having enjoyable sex. 

Benefits of Orgasm:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • That moment of oozing love, and juices, builds up a strong bond between you and your partner. 
  • It helps your body relax. 
  • Makes you glow brighter and happier. 
  • A good sleep therapy. 

Hey Women... 

Let the juices flow... 

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